STATISTICS & STRATEGIES – Coming Out of Medication .999

July 20, 2017 (Translated by Google)
Post from my blog:

This post should have gone up since July 14, it was last Friday. I was going to make a video of this, but I did not mind. And before I lost more time, I want to let this moment be documented.
I took some measurements in the gym. These were the results:

Date: 07/14/17
Time: 8:37 am
Age: 46 years old
Sex: Yes, with males 🙂

Weight: 86.3kg
Height: 1.84mts
BMI: 25.5
Body fat: 18.8% = 16.2kg
In the move towards total healing and release of alopatic drugs, AKA retroviral drugs for HIV, I decided to reduce the dose once again in half. So, I’m taking half the pills, every 3rd day. This is going to continue until I receive the green light from my doctor Kenesologa, which I went to see this past Monday, July 16, 17.

A) I am now using a few herbal sprays that Dr. Susan Koten from the Herbal Willow Center gave me.
1. One for healing the energetic imbalance created by HIV/AIDS
2. another for boosting the adrenal glands,
3. Another spray for a parasite that you found during the consultation called Strongyloides
4. And finally one for the Chakra of the heart, to use in case of feeling one half depre or out of center.

NOTE: I want to make sure that for this type of remedies to work one has to be at the appropriate frequency. I remember there was time when no poweders, herbs, or anything that was naturist would take effect. I needed medicine for horses, retreats for weeks or months, and more than anything, what cured me of AIDS and Cancer were the near death episodes that showed me the love of the Universe.
NOTE2: You don’t have to die to know about this Universal Love. That is why I came back to tell you about it 🙂

B) Colloidal Silver.
I’m taking 2-4 times a day, 2 ounces with a few drops of concentrated chlorophyll.

C) ASEA – Redox Molecules.
These are signaling molecules at the cellular level. For more information visit my site:

D) And finally, I started taking Creatine called “KRE-ALKALYN® pH-Correct Creatine” to increase muscle and strength in the gym
For the time being I am very determined to continue with my purpose of proving that natural healing is possible and still more, maintaining balance and preventing other diseases.

To be continued…

One month transformation


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