ADDICTIONS – The Power To Stop!

Addictions, addictions, addictions. I don't think there's anything more paradoxical than addictions. Yet, we know them more for their dark qualities and the much they make us suffer, regardless of their presentation, than for their power to make us stronger. Food, alcohol, sex, love, exercise, drugs, money, work etc.. Don't we just love to hate them and/or we hate to love them?

However, in my personal opinion it is the right balance that allows us to obtain the benefits they provide whist avoiding the damage of becoming too attached to it. So how to achieve balance?
– 12 steps? Nahhh, not for me at leat. Although I recognise the fabulous job they've done on many people with weaker minds or less ability to self-control.

In my experience, there's ONE single thing I'm very good at, and which I consider not only a talent but a superhuman ability and that is the superpower of Not-Do. To simply disconnect the mind, and therefore the emotions created by thought. – What a truly amazing quality and power.
And yes, you may say 'Nahh, that ain't good enough. I rather do something than don't.' And you'd be right… when things are right.

When thoughts and emotions are in balance with Spirit, everything is possible. Our creative potential becomes enlightened and we must use all opportunity to advance, create, expand and promote.
– But when shit stinks and our mind proves us wrong constantly there's very little to do and a lot to become. In this space is where 'Not-Doing' becomes extremely useful.

By stop pretending things are ok; thinking that by just focusing on the bright side things will spark out of numbness and we will somehow begin to live a happy successful, well-directed life, Marked the Beginning of Real Change and Transformation for me. Although in my experience,
Positive thinking has an expire date, Negative thinking has already expired, Neutral thinking however knows not of time nor space. And this is where magic happens, and continues to happen, every time.

I remember, when I couldn't get what I thought I needed to get by., alcohol, food, drugs, attention, acceptance, cigarettes, gym, ir any other of my past addictions, in the highest of their influence over my mind and life, I could always disconnect from their subjugation. Simply by not moving. At least for a fraction of time.

Laying down, my eyes closed, breathing very long, very deep. Just looking at the darkness behind my closed eyelids. Knowing- Accepting there's nothing I could do. Just letting go. Observing the figures or images created over the dark canvas of my mind.
Maybe, this kind of pause in my internal time lasted only short instances, before the caged lion began to destroy everything he could before getting sedated with the substance of the moment. But I knew, that at least for that moment, I could escape my own escape mechanisms if I CHOSE NOT TO SUFFER. The challenge back then, over 10 years ago, was to make those short instances of neutrality last much longer and for my mind to be able to access those states easier and more content, knowing I'd feel good and proud of myself.
THE SECRET TODAY: To be able to live with myself. Stand my own presence, enjoy my own company.

The Art of Nothingness… some call it #Meditation. Few have written about it. Even fewer know what it really means. But all have the potentiality to stop.

AFFIRMATION: I am very proud of the strength of my will power. I can do and not do as I please. My peace and my health are my highest priorities. I love and approve of myself, even when my poor mind choose to fear death, I know my heart trusts the joy of my own immortality. I am my best friend, my greatest lover my must loving father. I am what I am and discovering that is the greatest adventure of this lifetime.

And So It Is….

Sharing my experience

Cristos Andronicos


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